Social Media Marketing Statistics and Lesson Learned

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Dubbed the crisis election, or the Covid-19 polls, Singapore held GE2020 on 10 July 2020, her most significant General Election since independence. With physical rallies out of the question, political parties were forced to step out of their comfort zone and engage in virtual rallies in the new normal. We took a look at how the four biggest political parties in Singapore managed their virtual campaigning efforts between 23 June 2020 to 10 July 2020, within the cyberspace. Who were the winners, losers, and ballers on social media and digital? We did some homework and put together some GE2020 statistics for you.

Political party with the most Facebook Page Likes: PAP Political party with the fastest Facebook Page Likes growth rate: PSP 2) Instagram PAP: 39,600 followers. Average growth rate 29.56% WP: 34,700 followers. Average growth rate 247.41% PSP: 12,300 followers. Average growth rate 180.87% SDP: 4,790 followers. Average hjgrowth rate Political party with the most Instagram followers: PAP Political party Phone Number List with the fastest Instagram followers growth rate: WP 3) Youtube PAP: 3,730 subscribers. 928,327 views Taking into consideration that the party's focus is on the older generation who are more likely to use Facebook compared to other social media platforms,


this is perhaps an unsurprising figure as PAP puts in more effort on sprucing up its Facebook page instead. WP: 11,200 subscribers. 3,401,309 views PSP: 9,830 subscribers. 2,013,117 views A notably strong win considering that the account was created less than a year ago on 4 August 2019. SDP: 8,510 subscribers. 3,312,095 views. Political party with the most Youtube views: WP Social Media Page Engagement 1) Facebook PAP Posts: 221 posts 156 videos 35 photos 22 status updates 8 link posts Interactions: 272.8K interactions (217K reactions, 33.7K comments, 22.1K shares) An average of 1.2K interactions per post Photo posts are the most popular. WP Posts: 132 posts 72 photos post 45 videos 8 status updates 7 link posts Interactions: 504.3K interactions (412K reactions, 30.8K comments, 61.5K shares) An average of 3.8K interactions per post Video posts generated the most engagement at 4.9K interactions per video post One reason as to why WP's video posts generated more engagement may b
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