Disruptive innovation: what it is, characteristics and examples

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Disruptive innovation is one that produces a new solution, capable of replacing previous products and services within a certain market, breaking paradigms and creating new consumption habits. Innovation is a subject that several researchers are dedicated to, trying to better understand what its types are and how each of them works. In this effort, about three decades ago, one of these researchers – Clayton Christensen, from Harvard University – introduced the concept of disruptive innovation.

Understand better what disruptive innovation is, what are the characteristics and differences between incremental and radical innovation. Additionally, learn about practical market examples. Check out this article: What is disruptive innovation? Difference between europe mobile number list disruptive innovation and radical innovation Difference between disruptive and incremental innovation Examples of disruptive innovation Conclusion What is disruptive innovation? Disruptive innovation is a process that transforms or replaces a service, product or technology with a superior innovative solution. The focus of this type of innovation is the search for a more efficient, accessible and simple solution, and its main characteristic is to be experimental, which is why it generates a lower profit margin, requiring market validation.


Contrary to popular belief, disruptive innovation is not necessarily a process that creates something revolutionary, never seen before. This simpler solution replaces a more complex and expensive one made previously; thus, new markets and forms of consumption are sometimes created. Another characteristic related to this type of innovation is the profit margin. As disruption brings something new and more experimental to a smaller market, the profit margin also tends to be smaller at first – gains in market share will occur over time, by actually replacing the previous technology and its creators.
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