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With this knowledge, you can optimize your marketing efforts, allocate resources effectively and align your strategies with brand objectives. Take the next step in your market strategy by learning the basics of Relationship Marketing! Download the ebook now to get started. Relationship Marketing is the practice of growing long-term relationships directly with consumers while understanding their true wants and Phone Number List needs to deliver better-personalized products and services. To create these relationships with customers, brands need to be powering personalization with the right class of data — that is, zero-party data. What is zero-party data? Zero-party data allows brands to build direct relationships with consumers, and in turn, better personalize their marketing efforts, services, offers and product recommendations. By connecting directly with consumers, rather than making inferences and assumptions, marketers collect zero-party data by simply asking. If customers trust and value their interactions with a brand, they will proactively and intentionally share their data. Brands can then use the data, insights and permissions customers provide to create more personalized marketing.

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